Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision
Avenue Edmonton
April 2014

Two globetrotters create a home base that keeps them coming back, no matter where they go

Sitting in Larry Louie and Joanna Wong’s sleek living room in Rossdale — carefully curated with their collection of fine art, photographs and artifacts collected on their travels — you might feel you were sitting in the lobby of an international  boutique hotel.
But that’s just what these consummate globetrotters were looking for in a home. In addition to being an optometrist, Louie is an award-winning documentary photographer and, over the years, his work has taken the couple to places like Nepal, Tibet, Jordan, Mali and Indonesia, just to name a few.
“The minimalist look, simple lines — that’s what inspired us to create a more modern-looking house,” explains Louie.

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